2013 Linda Condon

Community Volunteer Awards
2013 Honoree
Linda Condon
Linda Condon

All American Fourth of July Volunteer

Linda Condon

Rancho Cordova's largest annual celebration is the Fourth of July when volunteers transform Hagan Park into our own patriotic wonderland. Those who actually work on this project don't think of it as a party as much as a major miracle. 

It's amazing. One day you are meandering through Hagan Park alone with your dog and a couple of days later you are there with thousands of people enjoying carnival rides, fireworks, great food and more. A couple days later it disappears just as fast. How do they do it?

They do it with a lot of imagination. And 300 hard-working volunteers.

But there are some parts of this adventure that visitors never see. And one of them is the dedicated corps of volunteers who take care of other volunteers. And most beloved of all are those who toil to fill this army's belly.

Linda Condon may very well be the unsung hero of our Fourth of July -- not because she can set off fireworks -- but because she rolls a mean burrito. After all, Napoleon knew what he was talking about when he famously proclaimed "an army marches on its stomach."

Linda is the magician of the volunteer mess hall. She has never met a Number 10 can she doesn't like. She is the goddess of gastronomics, the maestro of macaroni, the captain of the kitchen. 

Thank God, for Linda, or we would all starve to death.

First she whipped up some delicious breakfast for our early bird crew, then headed back to the kitchen to start on lunch. No sooner did she make the pulled pork drop than dinner time loomed. And so it goes, for three days.

Everybody noticed that the grub at the Fourth of July mess had taken a giant leap forward. So much so that police officers, fireworks technicians and other Fourth of July support crew started to show up at Volunteer Services at meal time.

And there was Linda, running back from kitchen to table, a distance of about a mile, beating a trail from pan to stomach.

Of course, Linda has been making things happen at the Fourth of July for a long time. For years, Linda has been behind the scenes at the Fourth of July Beer Garden, making sure there is a steady stream of brew and never a calamity at the tap - God forbid.

So while thousands and thousands of eyes stay glued on the skies as they fill with fireworks, and children giggle while daring to take that first roller coaster ride, it is true that none of it would probably happen if it were not for the work of Linda Condon and her kitchen magic - filling the tummies of our hard-working volunteers.

Linda, your nomination was submitted by those who worked shoulder to shoulder with you producing Rancho Cordova's greatest annual event. They included the day crew, the night crews and the office crew who grew to look forward to your frenzied deliveries. They marveled at your work ethic and are proud to call you a friend. 

Rancho Cordova is lucky to have you. Nobody is more deserving than you to bear the title: All American Fourth of July Volunteer. 

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