Be a Magic Maker

Become a Rancho Cordova Magic-Maker Sponsor
We think in magic. Won’t you join us?

The Cordova Community Council talks a lot about making magic, because we can find no other word that better matches the enchanting moments we help people enjoy in our community. Look closely and you may even see us wave a wand now and then.
Of course, this kind of magic is not a trick or illusion. We think it is magical when you help a family make a memory, or a bunch of people come together to accomplish something for their neighbors. We see magic in the eyes of a child watching a parade pass by, or fireworks explode in the sky.

Our magical journey began in 2010 when the National Civic League named Rancho Cordova an All-America City, bestowing its highest honor for civic engagement, innovation and citizen-driven democracy. The Cordova Community Council All-America City Team built the award-winning presentation around the theme "We Make the Magic" and we have been renewing that vision every year since.

All year long we work with local corporations, government agencies and fellow non-profits to ignite change and progress in Rancho Cordova, “making the magic” along the way. We call these important partners our “Magic-Makers” and becoming one involves all the fun and surprises such a name implies.

There are many advantages to being a Rancho Cordova Magic Maker, but the most important is establishing your organization as an integral part of what’s happening here. Magic Maker sponsors make an annual commitment that places them at the forefront of each and every special event that comprises our Calendar of Events. Magic-Maker commitments are rewarded by special benefits and sponsorship discounts because we know you will be there for us! Once we craft a plan that fits your goals, we work hard to make sure you are situated at the heart of our great community events with the heavy-lifting already done. Come and enjoy our events, knowing the groundwork has already been laid. It’s like, well, magic!

Become a Rancho Cordova Magic Maker and like us, fall in love with our community. Everyone needs a little magic… come and help us make it!  

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