Rancho Cordova Athletic Association

Rancho Cordova Athletic Association

TheCordova Community Councilis bringing the same great collaborative models that have been applied to arts and history groups to youth sports organizations in the community.

The Rancho Cordova Athletic Association (RCAA) has been formed to bring to the table those leaders who wish to propel youth sports leagues and programs to new heights. Collaborative marketing, planning and positive coaching models are emerging from this effort with a goal that every child in Rancho Cordova will have access to affordable fun that teaches good sportsmanship, healthy lifestyles, teamwork and the rewards of commitment and hard work. The RCAA will host 3rd Annual Rancho Cordova Sports Hall of Fame in Fall 2017.

There’s more to come from this promising organization. This is a great partner for those interested in helping evolve the importance of sound bodies and minds through lessons learned through sports.

Rancho Cordova Youth Basketball League

Register for Youth Basketball
Note: Prior to registering for the Rancho Cordova Youth Basketball League, players must join the AAU and have an AAU card. To get an AAU Card, visit the AAU website at www.aausports.org. The $15 cost of an AAU card is separate from the league charge and is required for participation in this league.
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