2017 Jim Purvis

Community Volunteer Awards
2017 Honoree
Jim Purvis

2017 Distinguished Community Service

Jim Purvis
When you do good for others, the recipients of your kindness aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits. There are a ton of perks in it for you, too.

That is a lesson taught us by a lot of great volunteers, including Jim Purvis, who has been doing good for others for a long time. He said it really feels good.

Jim lives in Gold River, and spends part of every day as a volunteer paralegal advising senior citizens who are facing critical problems like eviction from their homes, loss of life-giving benefits, or crushing debt related problems.

We may have missed this rather hidden contribution if it wasn’t for the folks from Legal Services of Northern California who have been so impressed by the work Jim has been doing as a volunteer in the community for the past 16 years.

Jim has been a volunteer paralegal with the Senior Legal Hotline since 2001. Senior Legal Hotline provides free legal services to low income, elderly and disabled clients in Sacramento County with a mission of protecting the dignity, independence, safety and economic stability of seniors and their dependents.

Patrick Ting, the supervising attorney at Senior Legal Hotline described Jim as an exceptionally diligent and passionate advocate for this clients, many of whom have experienced incredible hardships when then contact them for assistance.

They may be losing their housing, or crucial public benefits have been terminated. But there is Jim, on the job, for no pay, dedicating two or three hours a day, five days a week, on behalf of his clients – gathering facts, conducting legal research and consulting with staff attorneys so that he can accurately advise clients about their legal rights and remedies on a wide range of issues.

Jim Purvis is a calm presence where the rubber meets the road. He advises clients by phone and conducts in-person interviews at the Neil Orchard Senior Activities Center in Rancho Cordova.  

Jim never worked as a lawyer. He did start out to be an attorney, even attending night classes at McGeorge, but the obligation to take care of a young family sent him in a new direction and he spent years working at the State of California for the Economic Development Department, and Department of Water Resources.

He almost immediately began volunteering to help people upon retirement, including KCRA’s consumer “Call 3” show, and by writing crime reports for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. He then found his calling helping seniors.

Mr. Ting said Jim’s advocacy has tremendously impacted the lives of hundreds of seniors, not just in Rancho Cordova, but across Sacramento County.

Way to go, Jim. Rancho Cordova is so lucky to have you.

Please join in thanking one terrific volunteer: Jim Purvis, honored tonight for “Distinguished Community Service.” 
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