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2017 Honoree
Anthony Lacayo

2017 Distinguished Teen Service

Anthony Lacayo
One of the best parts of working with the Cordova Community Council is watching some of our best and brightest grow up before our very eyes into young adults we can all admire.

That is certainly the case of our Teen Service Award winner, Anthony Lacayo. We can hardly wait to see what this young man accomplishes in the years ahead.  

Two different groups of Rancho Cordova adults nominated Anthony for this award. Because although Anthony is just an eighth grader, he is one busy guy.  

At Youth Leadership Council, Anthony never misses an opportunity to serve and racked up 150 hours for volunteer service last school year. That alone would be impressive, but that is not the only place he serves.

For the past two summers he has been a Counselor-In-Training during the school district’s four week free summer STEM camp provided for Rancho Cordova children and their families.   

As a camper himself while in elementary school, Anthony longed to do more. When he aged out of the program he urged camp coordinators to allow him to be volunteer as a middle schooler. In reality, Anthony not only served as a Counselor-In-Training, he inspired the creation of the job.

Linda Burkholder, the program director, said “Mr. Anthony is adored by the youngsters who look up to him for his humor and compassion. He epitomizes the most important qualities of a wonderful volunteer: You can count on him, and he volunteers with his whole heart. He stands out for his ever-willing spirit, his reliability and his passion for helping others.”

Anthony also has a fan club over at PAL, where he is a leader so popular even the more senior high schoolers choose him to take the lead. PAL coordinator Jennifer Ackerson said his willingness to serve has opened many opportunities, and despite his young age he has met with city officials, his Congressman and others to share his vision. He will soon travel to Southern California for leadership training. 

Jennifer added this: “I believe Anthony will be an excellent representative Rancho Cordova as he has a true desire to give back to his community and a passion to make Rancho Cordova a great hometown.”

Anthony, your future has success written all over it. The world needs more people who want to lead, to volunteer and to serve.  

Congratulations -- Anthony Lacayo.
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