2015 Sunriver Church

Community Volunteer Awards
2015 Honoree
Sunriver Church (Paul Edwards)
Sunriver Church (Paul Edwards)

Distinguished Community Service by a Faith Community

Sunriver Church (Paul Edwards)

Cordova Community Council From the beginning of time, faith communities have banded their members together for community good. In Rancho Cordova, we have been blessed many times over by these organized efforts to put faith into action. That is why each year we spotlight amazing volunteer efforts put forth by local faith groups. 
These good works are sometimes in the spotlight, sometimes in the background. They may comfort the lonely, or help with simple felt needs. They may offer the use of a building for a worthy cause, or rally volunteers to fill a gap. 

Sun River Church in Rancho Cordova calls this activity "building bridges of irresistible influence." It explores how churches can be the bridge over troubled waters for people that connect faith and community in a modern world.

We have long been aware of the good works provided by Sun River Church, but when Rancho Cordova Neighborhood Services Manager Kerry Simpson contacted us, we wanted to know more.

Kerry's job is to be the key liaison between the city and its neighborhoods. She provides information to the public about code enforcement and animal services and works to ensure compliance with safety codes and rules, identifying unsafe conditions that need fixing. This often makes her aware of people in the community who just need help. She said Sun River Church is there to answer the call.

What are they up to?

Look for Sun River volunteers providing food and drinks at the Christmas in Cordova community response to the needy at the holidays. They will do the same in March at the Police Activities League 3 on 3 March Madness Basketball Tournament. Dedicated church members come out and prepare and serve the food. The bottom line is that food is provided for several thousand low income families. They provide food and clothing to needy families each month.

One unique outreach offered by Sunriver Church is their recovery group "Clutterers Anonymous," which offers dependency services and support for people with hoarding issues. Kerry said in all her years of code enforcement work, this is the only program she has ever seen for people who hoard.

Kerry told us that sometimes problems require a personal touch. She was reminded of the call she received from a local senior who had a plumbing problem. When Kerry learned the woman had been unable to get the problem fixed she contacted Sun River Church, a church member responded immediately and made the repair on the spot. 

Little things. Big impacts.

Sun River Church believes that the presence of the church in the community stands as a symbol of faith and hope. It is a meeting place and a center from which worship and service can emerge. They host recovery groups for alcoholics, smokers, compulsive eating, codependency and hoarding.

Here's what Kerry said in making the nomination:

"Rancho Cordova is blessed to have many wonderful churches, but I would be remiss in not calling out Paul Thome, Nan, Bert and John Traud, and Senior Pastor Paul Edwards and all the volunteers for the caring and feeding of our community. Coupled with the wonderful dependency services they offer the community, especially the one-of-a-kind Clutterers Anonymous, they deserve to be recognized."

We agree.

Sun River Church, thank you for volunteering your time, your hands and your hearts to fill needs in the Rancho Cordova community.

Thank you for rallying your membership to live their faith in a way that lightens the burdens of those who are overwhelmed, for a moment or for a lifetime.
Most of all, thank you for being an outstanding example of what faith looks like when it takes action in the community. 

In other words:
You will come to a place
Where the streets are not marked
Some windows are lighted
But mostly they're darked

A place you could sprain both your elbow and chin
Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in?
How much can you lose? How much can you win?

Sun River Church, you are showing true faith leadership by walking the talk and leading the way. Our community is richer for it, and you inspire us all to do the same... and more. 


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