2015 Linda Nunes

Community Volunteer Awards
2015 Honoree
Linda Nunes
Linda Nunes

We Could Not Have Done it Without You

Linda Nunes

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? These famous words of Dr. Seuss surely must have been written withLinda Nunes in mind. The lesson is, quirkiness is next to godliness. With a shock of purple hair and serene smile, everything about Linda whispers "artist on board." 
Linda is a professional artist and Rancho Cordova resident. We first met Linda about four years ago when the City of Rancho Cordova undertook a one year study to determine the feasibility and appropriateness of forming a Rancho Cordova Arts Commission.

At the end of the study period, the city council determined there was no cause for government to be involved in launching the arts in Rancho Cordova. Disappointed, Linda was more determined than ever and invited her study team colleagues to meet at her house to talk about how to go about supporting the arts in our city. This eventually led to a collaboration with the Cordova Community Council. Since that partnership was formed, Linda has been a tireless advocate for all Rancho Cordova artists and a driving force behind what today is known as Rancho Cordova Arts.

Linda has been busy.

She is an active and contributing member of the Rancho Cordova Arts steering group.

She is the smiling face of Rancho Cordova Arts, organizing and executing art-intake functions and evaluating and searching out the professional artist jury pool now working with local artists to assure quality shows.

She has never missed an art installation or art take-down work session and is the person responsible for the nameplates and other fine points that make our art shows special. Her husband Michael is her number one fan, always available to help with her latest art adventure.

When Rancho Cordova Arts was challenged to participate in the first "Arts Day of Giving," Linda opened her lovely home for a successful arts fundraiser, demonstrating the importance of personal financial commitment in supporting the arts.

Linda donates pieces of her beautiful art in her tireless support of other art activities, including the Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra. She organizes art lovers and artists to participate in Kid's Day in the Park, bringing her love to art to children in our community. She has also appeared as a professional artist-in-residence at the Sacramento Children's Museum showing her playful, fresh love of art wherever it may bloom.

She is the fairy godmother of Brushes and Brews, of the Holiday Pop-Up Gallery at Capital Village and of the City Hall Exhibits. She has been curator of exhibits all over Sacramento, and exhibited her work near and far, but always wanted art to be a part of daily life in her own city, Rancho Cordova. So she made it happen.

There is more, of course, but fellow artist Ron Hall may have captured her best in his nomination of Linda for this award:
"Inspiring others with her passion for the arts has helped bring more art members to Rancho Cordova, transforming a little art community into a future arts destination. Linda understands that with art come people. Furthermore, with art comes the ability to inspire and imagine the possibilities."

Linda could certainly fill her days in pursuit of her passion for the arts, creating lovely the beautiful encaustic wax pieces that are her signature. 

But what sets her apart in our eyes is her focus on promoting the arts of everyone and for everyone in her hometown of Rancho Cordova - not just the visual arts, but performing arts, as well. In doing so, she elevates the beauty of art beyond a single artist and is changing the face of Rancho Cordova along the way. 

In other words,
You have brains in your head,
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself any direction you choose
You do it with color and texture and heart
You awakened our city to the power of art.

Linda Nunes, we could not have done it without you!
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