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VSP Optics Group
VSP Optics Group

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VSP Optics Group

Thanksgiving came early last year in the Cordova Towne neighborhood. That's when an army of 50 volunteers from the VSP Optics Group invaded.

They were armed with paint brushes and rakes. And big hearts. 

Four Rancho Cordova homes were repaired and renovated with the help of dozens of volunteers from the Optics Group at Vision Service Plan. With their corporate headquarters located here, the VSP volunteers did not have to look far to lend a helping hand.

VSP Vice President of Lab Operations Warren Meyer said most of the department came out to the neighborhood to do projects they felt would benefit the community. They painted homes, repaired fences and put in landscaping.

They attacked with pressure washers, they cleaned gutters, removed dead trees and even renovated an entry way. Who benefitted? Folks in the neighborhood who could not afford to do it themselves. VSP even picked up the tab for supplies.

As we have seen time and time again, one good thing has led to another.

In the neighborhood, resident Michelle said she sees changes after an abandoned home across the street was spruced up, thanks to the volunteers.

Said Michelle:

"It's all about showing everybody that this neighborhood is not the run down neighborhood that it used to be and it definitely creates more pride."

Lorianne Ulm, who manages the city's program that matches up volunteers like VSP Optics with people who need help, said the VSP project and the media coverage it generated has started to snowball, too.

Lorianne reported to us that since VSP's good works were publicized, the City of Rancho Cordova has received calls from other local businesses who also would like to provide community service.

And so it goes, one good thing, inspiring more good things. That's how change happens and that's how community service can have a payoff that is without boundaries.

VSP Optics group, you are certainly a provider of great community service.  

True, you are not a Community Service Organization in the same way Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club or the Masonic Temple are Community Service Organizations. 
You have all the attributes of a service organization, but they have one thing you do not have, and that is this:

A special service organization pledge.  

We have borrowed one we think works for you: "Just Do It."

Thank you VSP Optics group, for leading the way in showing how a group of individuals can come together and deliver Distinguished Community Service that makes the world a lot better for some -- and a little better for us all.
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