2014 Sheryl Longsworth

Community Volunteer Awards
2014 Honoree
Sheryl Longsworth
Sheryl Longsworth

Distinguished Service to Youth

Sheryl Longsworth

One thing we believe in around here is that kids matter.

They need opportunities to learn, grow and lead. They need chances to volunteer, to engage in the arts, play sports and explore future careers - to experience the world and learn the skills needed to be 21st century citizens.

But we all know, it doesn't just happen. It takes adults who really care about them.

They are out there, although sometimes it feels like these super stars are in short supply. Thank goodness there are people like Sheryl Longsworth.

Sheryl grew up in Placerville, and found her way to Rancho Cordova in 1993. Since that time, she has been in the trenches of more student support efforts than we can count. Sometimes, it seems like she is all alone, but still, she soldiers on.

A longtime contributor and a leading volunteer for many organizations in Rancho Cordova, her constant commitment has had significant impact on many lives. An avid volunteer, look to Sheryl to be in the forefront of many, many efforts to serve our youth and others.

Sheryl founded the Rancho Cordova Chapter of Soroptimists International in 2009, serving as president for two years. She initiated several programs which have continued and grown under her guidance, including a Comfort Kit project for abused women.  

With a heart for teen girls, Sheryl led her group to support the Folsom Cordova Unified School District's Homeless Services event which provides shoes for needy students. Then she took it a step further and got them to reach out to homeless girls who needed support of another kind - and purchased bras! 

Because of her efforts, Soroptimists provide makeovers and dresses for needy young women who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to attend the Cordova High School Senior Ball, provided a holiday party at White Rock Elementary School and helped organize the first STOP Human Trafficking Symposium held in Rancho Cordova.

Sheryl has been involved with Project 680 since its inception. This phenomenal group helps rally community support for drives held twice a year to provide basic needs like socks, underwear and warm hoodies for homeless students in Rancho Cordova.

But she has not stopped there.

Sheryl served two years as PTSA president at Cordova High School. During her presidency and at her urging, she increased parent involvement and community support of high school efforts.  

Who's the lead dog in raising funds for Sober Grad Night at Cordova High? Sheryl Longsworth, that's who. Sheryl can be found preaching the benefits of this program everywhere from City Council meetings to fun Bunco Nights, which she also organized.  

She is secretary of the Cordova Band Boosters and is up to her elbows in a $60,000 fundraising effort to purchase new band and orchestra uniforms for high school musicians, to be debuted when Cordova High's new Performing Arts Center opens in 2015.

Being active in the schools is nothing new for Sheryl, who was involved with the Mitchell Middle School PTSA for almost 6 years. She stayed on long after her son moved on to high school in order to ensure the continued success of a number of programs, such as Family Fitness Night and Evening on the Green, which were both started by her.

The list goes on:  
  • She is active in the Cordova Community Collaborative, helping them remain in compliance with a federal Drug Free Communities grant
  • She is a graduate of Leadership Rancho Cordova
  • She is a supporter of National Teen Leadership
  • She is a member of the Folsom Cordova's Communications Committee, Citizen's Oversight Committee for Measures M, N and P, and First Covenant Church activities.
  • Sheryl tirelessly promotes not only activities close to her own heart, but also those of other worthy causes. She encourages others to be active in their neighborhoods and community, sending reminders and emails of volunteer opportunities. She is an amazing example of how one person truly can make a difference.
Sheryl has all the attributes of a remarkable community volunteer in service to our youth. But they have one thing she does not have, and that is:

Enough time to do it all.

In honor of all you do for our kids, and so many more, we present you with more time - in fact, an entire box of clocks in honor of your Distinguished Service to Youth.

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