2014 Karen Callen-Anderson

Community Volunteer Awards
2014 Honoree
Karen Callen-Anderson
Karen Callen-Anderson

Distinguished Community Service

Karen Callen-Anderson

One of our favorite Wizard of Oz characters has to be the Tin Man. It is from him we learn a lot about heart.

We have also learned a lot about heart from Karen Callen-Anderson, who has certainly shown more than her share. She has miles of it. 

Everybody who has been around Rancho Cordova for a long time knows Karen. She is Rancho Cordova's swimming pool care expert, who grew a business from her garage to one store, then a larger one. She is a fixture of our business community and Callen Pool Supply, after more than 40 years, is one of Rancho Cordova's oldest on-going enterprises.

That's impressive, but that's not all you need to know about Karen. To say she has provided Distinguished Community Service all these years is just the tip of the iceberg.

Karen has made sure her business is the sponsor of good things in our community. Her small business has been a continuous sponsor of Little League teams, Girls Softball teams, the Cordova High School swim team, the Cordova High Baseball Team, the Cordova High School Marching Band and the list goes on from there.

Beyond putting her money where her heart is, Karen contributes a phenomenal amount of volunteer time and effort, as well.

Check this out:
  • She assisted the reading program at Mather Heights Elementary
  • She helps with fundraisers for the Cordova High Baseball Team
  • She runs the scoreboard for Cordova High basketball games
  • She is a ticket taker for Cordova High basketball games
  • She volunteers at First Covenant Church and Youth for Christ
  • Her Fourth of July Parade entries are fun-loving and memorable
  • She organizes Relay for Life teams
  • She is a big donor of auction prizes benefitting every group in town including the Cordova Community Council, Rancho Cordova Rotary, Cordova High Sober Grad, Relay for Life, Cordova High Interact Club, Cordova High PTA, Cordova High Music Boosters, Project 680 and on and on.

Over the years Karen has demonstrated a true commitment to reinvesting in our community by investing in our youth. Callen Pool Supply has served as a training ground for countless Cordova High School students, providing many young people their first jobs and a chance to learn employment skills.  

The support of these youth have allowed many to participate in school sports and club activities they may never otherwise have been able to afford. The belief in these youth gave many the nudge they needed to pursue college.

Ask anybody who knows Karen Callen-Anderson, and they will tell you she is simply one of the nicest, most generous individuals you will ever meet in your life. 

Karen, when we think of you, we think of the Tin Man and the wise words spoken to him by the Wizard of Oz himself:

"A heart is not measured by how much you love but how much you are loved by others."

 Karen, you are certainly that.

Thank you for all you do and have done for four decades. Congratulations on your Distinguished Community Service.
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