2014 California Carnival Company

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Kevin and Jane Tate, California Carnival Company
Kevin and Jane Tate, 
California Carnival Company

Distinguished Business Partner

Kevin and Jane Tate, California Carnival Company

A carnival is one of those events that evoke memories of childhood. This fabulous fun brings out the child in all of us.

If you grew up in a small town, you surely remember when the carnival came to town. It was an excuse to break open the piggy bank so you could take a thrilling ride, each sticky cotton candy and maybe even win a giant stuffed bear. 

Then there were the tales of the kid from down the block who one day just ran away with the carnival, traveling town to town, living a nomadic life of bright lights and hard work. And that would probably best describe Kevin Tate.

Kevin left home at a young age to work on a carnival. But where his story differs from many others is that Kevin went on to not only master his trade, but eventually own the carnival. Along the way, the concessions girl who sold lemonade caught his eye and after a lot of cold lemonades, he and that girl got married. As successes continued to mount, Kevin and Jane Tate continued to build their business into the California Carnival Company and chose Rancho Cordova to become their home.

Now, the truth be told, Kevin is a character. He can spin a yarn as well as anybody you will ever meet, and his stories of life with the carnival are the stuff of movies. Once he gets rolling about his dreams for his carnival, get comfortable because you aren't going anywhere soon.  

But you will be rewarded with a portrait of a self-man man who believes hard work and honest effort are the best way to achieve success. And that when you achieve it, it's time to give something back.

Would it surprise you to know that Kevin Tate once ran to represent Rancho Cordova in the California Assembly? He did, back in 2006. He didn't win, but he sure made the race more interesting.  

Did you know that Kevin's efforts earned him honors as Assemblywoman Alyson Huber's "Small Business of the Year" back in 2010? It's true.

Would it start to make sense that the reason Rancho Cordova always has a giant, spectacular 100-foot colorful Ferris wheel welcoming you to the Holiday Ice Rink, the Fourth of July, Christmas Tree Lighting or Haunted House is because the Tates live here and want to give back?
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