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Kaetyng Chen
Kaetyng Chen

Distinguished Teen Service

Kaetyng Chen

You may have noticed that volunteering on behalf of our youth is highly prized around here. But what about those outstanding teens who are giving of their time and talent to others? Kaetyng (ki-TING) Chen is certainly one of those. 

This Cordova High School senior has got it all: leadership skills, brains, athletic ability and commitment to home and family. She is bright and smart and beautiful and gives us hope about our future.

Here's a little about Kaetyng:

This young woman puts a high priority on community service and has proven it by her membership in not one, but two youth service clubs at Cordova High - one sponsored by Rotary and one sponsored by Kiwanis. She is not just a member, she's the driver of both.

For Rotary Interact, Kaetyng is an acknowledged leader and motivator of others. She serves as the club's public relations officer, successfully publicizing the club's service in the community. She has pitched in to raise money for projects that range from polio vaccinations for babies to service to seniors and more. She created an event aimed at the elimination of Maternal Neonatal Tetanus, a terrible disease afflicting newborns. Last year she became a graduate of the Rotary Youth Leadership camp for high school seniors -- though she was only a junior.

For Kiwanis' Key Club, Kaetyng serves as Lieutenant Governor for an entire Division where she provides leadership training at high schools across the Sacramento region. Not only does she put a lot of miles on her car doing this, she often puts technology to work, Skyping to make sure the work gets done.

That would probably be enough, but she has proved herself to be a tough competitor for the Cordova Lancers on the tennis courts. Coach Brian Danzl told us she was so frightened during her first match as a freshman she melted into tears. Four years later she is a dominant force, team captain and good enough to make the Section Championships - a first in Cordova High history.

When tennis is done, it's time for homework, which must be getting done because her grade point average is a stunning 4.3.

Kaetyng comes from a family of achievers, so it is no surprise she plans to join her older sisters at the University of California Berkeley next year, or some other prestigious university. It's time for her to begin work on her dream to be a pediatrician.

Kaetyng, the adults in your life think you are amazing. Kiwanis Club's Alan Withers said you are doing a fantastic job for Key Club and are one of the best lieutenant governors ever.

Conrade Mayer said your work for Rotary's Interact is equally stellar. He told us this:

"Looking at Kaetyng's accomplishments in the community and school is amazing; she has balanced school, community and being a teenager! Sometimes I forget she is a student, not an adult." 

Kaetyng, the entire community of Rancho Cordova is so proud of your accomplishments and we are anxious to see where you apply your talents in the future. And while you may choose to travel the world to make your mark, we hope you will remember what you learned right here in the All-America City of Rancho Cordova - home to the amazing Kaetyng Chen. We will be watching!

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