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Community Volunteer Awards
2012 Honoree
Scottie Moore
Scottie Moore

Distinguished Community Service

Scottie Moore

Who says one woman cannot make a difference? This woman has been a tireless volunteer advocate performing a valuable service in controlling a problem most of us would rather not be bothered with: control of feral cat populations in our public parks and in our city. While many would be horrified to think that our taxpayer dollars are used to kill thousands of animals each year, most of you would never bother to do anything about it. That's what makes Scottie Moore different. 

Scottie, a Rancho Cordova animal lover, has offered scientifically-proven solutions that control feral cat populations and prevent slaughter of animals meant to be family pets.

In the face of stiff opposition, Scottie's diligence has won over professionals in the city animal control service, the city council and members of the board of directors of the park district -- slowly but surely educating them about Trap, Neuter and Return strategies.

She has stepped forward whenever asked to rescue kittens found dumped in public parks, finding ways to have them spayed or neutered, nursing them back to health when needed, then doing the patient work of finding them adoptive homes.

She is the founder of SOCKS - Save Our Cats and Kittens Sensibly - which offers rescue and trapping assistance and other services to families who wish to be good pet stewards but are financially unable.

When she discovered it would be advantageous to convert SOCKS to a tax exempt non-profit, she educated herself on how to go about it, then did it. Today, SOCKS meets regularly to advance their no-kill TNR cause and holds workshops in the community on how to foster kittens and avoid the problems of feral cat populations.

Scottie's service to her community has not stopped there. She was a founding member of the Rancho Cordova Sister Cities Council and served as treasurer. She is also a founding member of the Rancho Cordova City Hall Toastmasters Club known as the "Nooners" serving as publicity arm and officer. She has become famous in our city for assembling "Mayor's Scrapbooks," following the mayor from event to event throughout the year to chronicle their activities and successes as we grow as a city.

Scottie's work on behalf of her community may not be as flashy as some. But rain or shine, hot or cold, with friends or alone, she is an unswerving advocate for an important cause in which she deeply believes.

She stands apart from the rest because rather than hand-wringing and complaining about a problem, she took steps - no matter how difficult - to resolve it.

She stuck with it and remains with it even today.  

Upon hearing of this award, The Humane Society of the United States in Washington DC contacted us to sing Scottie's praises and bear witness that her efforts have been recognized far and wide, including by the nation's largest animal protection organization.

They wrote: "Although no one person, organization or agency can combat cat overpopulations alone, Scottie is trying. We know what a difficult task it has been and applaud Scottie for her perseverance."

Scottie Moore is a wonderful, unsung hero of our community and deserving of some time in the spotlight. She has inspired others and is an exceptional example of volunteering to make her community a better place to live.

Congratulations Scottie Moore: winner of our "Distinguished Community Service Award."
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