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Have you ever heard of EdFund? It's quite possible that you have accessed EdFund's services without even knowing it.

EdFund is one of the nation's leading providers of student loan services under the federal student loan program. It manages a portfolio of outstanding loans valued at $38 billion. In 2008-09, EdFund processed more than $10.3 billion in student loans, provided services and support to over 2 million students and helped more than 27,500 borrowers rehabilitate their loans.
They are headquartered right here in Rancho Cordova, just a short distance from here, in the Mather Commerce Center. Hundreds of people work there.
You might think that a big, national company concerned with billions of dollars and millions of students would not have time or care much about needy people who need diapers for their kids in Rancho Cordova. But you would be wrong.
EdFund describes itself as a non-profit deeply committed to the success of students. That has helped EdFund be aware of the impact even small victories can have. They express it right here in our community, where EdFund employees are making a difference.
For example:
  • EdFund employees collected 17,552 diapers in its November 2009 "Diaper Derby" competition for the Cordova Community Food Locker. Talk about making changes!
  • In support of the Mather Community Campus family housing site, EdFund donated a truckload of food donations at Thanksgiving to benefit 44 families, including 95 children in need.
  • Each year, EdFund employees donate gifts to abused and neglected children at St. Patrick's Home and the Children's Receiving Home. In 2009, the holidays were brightened for 67children.
  • EdFund is helping education dreams become reality. Since 1998, EdFund has raised mover a quarter million dollars through its annual charity golf tournament, devoting it to groups that include foster youth and under-served, minority students attending Sacramento State.
  • EdFund employees are helping save lives in a very personal way. Working with their Rancho Cordova neighbor BloodSource, EdFunders have held 20 successful blood drives registering 1,096 participants and collecting 922 lifesaving pints of blood for the community.
  • Recognizing the importance of a strong economy, EdFund supports the work of the Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce by sharing time and expertise. Vice president and general counsel Dave Reid is a member of the Chamber Board of Directors and other EdFunders are at work in the organization.
  • It made a difference to low self-esteem first through fourth-graders at Williamson Elementary School that nine EdFund employees volunteered to mentor them, and was the only company to do so that year.
  • EdFunders painted, planted and set up the library at White Rock school as part of Hands On Day in 2006.
  • Employees collected school supplies for the Mustard Seed School for homeless children.
  • Each year, EdFund employees support the efforts of the American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days campaign, raising over $3.500 in 2009, and participating in the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure supporting breast cancer research.
Finally, the Cordova Community Council acknowledges that it companies like EdFund who fuel our local economy, providing jobs and pushing us forward as a community, making many things possible.
With over 500 employees in their Rancho Cordova headquarters, EdFund's contribution to the local economy packs a punch. California staff alone inject more than $38 million into the state economy, with another $24 million spent with California vendors – including some right here in Rancho Cordova.
EdFund's motto is "Guaranteeing Dreams." But it really goes beyond that. Company President Sam Kipp put it this way:

"Our values set us apart in a marketplace that is often focused on short-term gains, and measured by things like sales growth and profit margins. If you don't have core values that ground you as a business, you can't really know where you are, where you are going or how you will get there."

We agree.
We like community business partners that see the importance of being good corporate citizens and EdFund is among the best. Congratulations to Sam Kipp and all the people at EdFund. We are so glad you call Rancho Cordova your home.
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