2009 Granite Construction

Community Volunteer Awards
2009 Honoree
Brian Danzl

Distinguished Business Partner

Granite Construction Company

Incorporated in 1922, Granite Construction Company builds roads, tunnels, bridges, airports and other infrastructure-related projects used by millions of people. Granite also produces sand, gravel, ready-mix and asphalt concrete and other construction materials.

You might think that a company that focuses on giant projects like these would have no time to address a request to borrow a light tower or for some gravel to build a miniature railroad in a local park. But you would be wrong.

Granite Construction is always ready to lend us a hand in Rancho Cordova when we come calling needing some of this and some of that. They may not be flashy and are not out front, but they are still there – where the rubber meets the road.
  • They loan generators and light towers so that Rancho Cordova Relay for Life can raise money and awareness in the fight against cancer.
  • They help light up harvest festivals at local schools when darkness comes early.
  • When Rancho Cordova Fourth of July needs to make an emergency route for police and fire, they help out by delivering gravel for a temporary exit.
  • They support our Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce not only as a member of the Circle of Investors, but by loaning top managers to serve in volunteer positions.
This year, Granite even helped save our little railroad down in Hagan Park.

When the Sacramento Valley Live Steamers Railroad had to unexpectedly tear up hundreds of feet of track and replace the rock that supports it, Granite came to the rescue.

They donated the needed material and made arrangements for its delivery. Without their help, the Live Steamers Railroad would never be able to tackle a project of this size and expense. Truly, they saved our railroad.

It might seem like a small thing for a company so great and strong. But taking care of the community in which you do business is not only the right thing to do, it is deeply appreciated.

It did not surprise us to learn that one of Granite’s core values is to be good corporate citizens. We have experienced it.

Thank you, Granite, for being an outstanding business partner. Truly, you are building bridges mighty and strong -- the kind that not only carry cars and trucks, but that bind us as friends, as well.

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