Zoom In

Zoom In 
A Closer Look
"Zoom In" features artwork that takes a close-up look at the world.
Artists Selected
Artist Name Title Medium Price
Karen Aldrich Girl with Umbrella Mixed Media $125
Barbara Alfidi Button Parade Mixed Media NFS
Pamela Amo Shadow Digital Photography $100
Telephone Shadow Digital Photography $100
Door In Snow Digital Photography $100
Bonnie Anderson-Machost Brain Freez Acrylic $50
Moonlight Mist Oil $75
Indra Bassett Heaven Meets Earth Mixed Media NFS
Every Mountain Bowing Down Before Him Mixed Media NFS
Where the Corpse is, There the Vultures Will Gather Mixed Media NFS
Vincent Bode Mother and Child Photography $125
Lois Bode Embellished Polka Dots Embroidery $350
Pamela Brooks Sea Roar Digital Photography $45
Rain Game Mixed Media $185
Patricia C. Butcher Ready for Takeoff - Bird In Tree Acrylic $80
The Last Mile - Dog Sled and Driver in Snowstorm Acrylic $50
Philip Calentine Black andWhite Line Art Pen and Ink $200
Bone Carol Midnight Giclee $150
Texture Giclee $200
Shadowed Ribbon Giclee $375
Vera Chenoweth Winter of Peace Acrylic NFS
SharAnn Chesshire It's All Uphill From Here Pen and Ink $50
Deni Curtis Serenity Block Print NFS
Death Comes on Swift Wings Block Print $150
Cthulu in Space Block Print $150
Kat Davies Crystal Tower Ceramic $150
Elizabeth Francisco Little Home in the Woods Acrylic NFS
It's Me Again Lord Acrylic NFS
Black and White Cutouts, Original Designs Mixed Media NFS
Deborah Freshour Winter Bird Pen and Ink $50
  Moonrise Pen and Ink $50
  Elephant Walk Pen and Ink $75
Lauri Gillespie Animal Rescue Acrylic $375
Ann Greitzer Hard Life: Street People Pen and Ink NFS
Turning Away for Now: Hope Tomorrow Pen and Ink NFS
Baby Brown Eyes: A Portrait Pen and Ink NFS
Judy Gustafson Medium Size Serving Bowl Ceramic $40
Small Size Serving Bowl Ceramic $20
Ron Hall Club 27 Acrylic NFS
Bump In the Night Acrylic $280
Shifting Into Nothingness Mixed Media $125
Teressa Mihalko Harbert Off Kilter Pysanky $49
Annette Heacox Mr. and Mrs. Grimm (2 pieces) Acrylic (Diptych 2) $135
Hattie Insco Vessel Acrylic and Pen $85
Virginia Johnston White Flower Acrylic $50
Birch Trees Acrylic $50
Talking It Over Acrylic $150
Jeani Kanko A Quiet Foggy Morn Oil $200
Crisp Winter Morn Oil $200
Sheri Kirelsvater No title Glass $50
Divine Glass $75
Barbara Little I See U Black India Ink $85
On the Fence Black India Ink $85
Meara Little Rose Photography $100
Self Portrait Photography $100
Emmy Photography $100
Jose Lopez Old Sugar Mill Photography $250
Oregon Coast Lighthouse Photography $100
Magic Bus Photography $100
Rick Maness Oregon Coastal Reverie Digital Photography $100
Marsha Mason Gift From My Father Watercolor $200
Lila McCormick Pussy Cat Mixed Media NFS
Pup In Rushes Mixed Media NFS
Tree Feeder Mixed Media NFS
Heather McCray Hidden Beauty Ink andPencil $175
The Huntress Ink andPencil $115
The Manticore Ink andPencil $115
Michael Mitchell Martin Luther King, Jr. Pen and Ink $100
Mahatma Gandhi Pen and Ink $100
Kelly Moulis How Strong Photography $40
The Midway Photography $40
Robin Moyer Zentangle Mosaic $150
Pamela Pankey Tom Selleck Acrylic $125
Elvis Acrylic $195
Venetian Carnivale Mixed Media $325
David Peterson American River Acrylic $250
  Nature Walk Acrylic $400
Sutter Jensen Park Acrylic $250
Marcella Rangel 1I Acrylic $1700
Hypersleep Acrylic $2200
Crooked Shine Acrylic $2200
Amber Roberts Jack Skellington $100
Sally Acrylic $30
Marina Roy Stages in Flight Photography $50
Adeliana Saavedra Noir et Blanche Pierrotte Watercolor $20
Antonio Santos Communication Digital Photography $50
Space Digital Photography $75
Dennis Sedilko Reaching Root Digital Photography $300
The Peaceful Tree Digital Photography $400
Lorna Sheveland Silver Sound Mixed Media NFS
Rick Sloan Whimsical Journey Pen and Ink $185
Value Study Acrylic $185
George Harrison Pen and Ink $180
Janice A. Stork Moon Magic Acrylic $200
Primeval Forest Acrylic $125
Redemption Acrylic $200
Lucille van Ommering Body Heat Digital Photography $175
All Lanes Closed Digital Photography $175
McFarland Ranch, Shed with Buggy Digital Photography $175
Gert van Ommering Abandoned Digital Photography $100
Gnarled Hand Digital Photography $100
Light Waves Digital Photography $100
Dana L. Ward Upper Yosemite Falls Film Photography $145
Half Dome Film Photography $145
Heart of El Capitan Film Photography $125
Ondra Ward Blurred Vision Acrylic $45
Beauty Above the Fog Acrylic $75
Kelly Weinel Day's End Mixed Media $175
Sid Wellman The Camels Are Coming Mixed Media $800
Donine Wellman Chalkboard Kisses Acrylic $300
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Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017
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