Summer of Love

Summer of Love
It's been 50 years since the Hippies descended upon Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco for one of the most iconic summers ever. Put some flowers in your hair and create something groovy for the 20th of our City Hall shows.
Artists Selected
Artist Name Title Medium Price
Frank Aldrich Crazy Hippie Ink $50
  Time Ink $25
Karen Aldrich Flower Child Acrylic $225
Eileen Berge Scheherazade Watercolor NFS
Vincent Bode Brother Andy Giclee $395
  Mr. & Mrs. Ruby Watercolor $850
Lois Bode   Message of Love   Embroidery  $700
Carol Bone Groovin' Digital Art $90
    Love in Tumultous Times Digital Art $135
  Purple Haze Digital Art $100
Lexus Castro Smokin' Gun Acrylic $80
Frances Dack   Cell Division House   Fabric Quilted NFS
Kat Davies   Make Love Not War   Mosaic $165
Vicki Foote Psychedellic Space Acrylic $200
  Colors Everywhere Acrylic $125
Elizabeth Franciscos Flower Child Acrylic NFS
Deborah Freshour   Hippies Revolution  Acrylic  $75
Psychedelic Dreams Mixed Media $100
  Flowers for Peace Mixed Media $75
Elaine Gierek Under the Rainbow,
Over the Rainbow
Fused Glass NFS
Judy Gustafson Thingy Box Ceramic $40
    Kaleidoscope Dreams Ceramic $65
  Journey to the Center of Your Mind Ceramic NFS
Ron Hall Let the Sun Shine In Acrylic $225
Elizabeth Hall The Romance of Summer Mixed Media $250
Virginia Johnson Love Feathers Acrylic $50
    Untitled Acrylic $60
Sheri Kindsvater Buttercups and Butterflies Glass $30
  Groovy Glass $30
Shakthi Kondakindi Tree of Love Mixed Media NFS
  Barbara Larson Easter Island Watercolor $100
    Channels of Love Watercolor $100
  Rare Bird of Many Colors Watercolor $100
Christina Lemar Psychedellic Giraffe Watercolor Pencil $50
Jose Lopez Carefree Photography $250
  Where It Started Photography $50
Balcony Music Photography $50
Patience Mabray   Beautiful Chaos Fused Glass $150
  Change is a Brewin' Fused Glass $250
Split in the River [2 pieces] Fused Glass $150
Andrea MacDonald   A Beautiful Day to Play Outside   Decoupage $650
Bonnie Machost The Mask Acrylic $25
Marsha Mason   Epiphany  Watercolor $200
Karen McCready Janis Joplin   Acrylic NFS
Jade McDaniel-Boutt Flower Child with Child Photography $90
Charla McKenna Janis Acrylic $125
Trish Medina Juxtaposition [2 pieces] Acrylic NFS
Kelly Moulis Love Arising Mixed Media NFS
  Come Together Glass NFS
Robin Moyher Love, Peace, Freedom Mosaic NFS
Pamela Pankey   Daisy Glory   Watercolor $275
  Dawning of the Age of Aquarius Acrylic $65
  Summer of Love Acrylic $225
David Peterson Summer of War   Watercolor $485
Brandi Pfleider Jimi Gunpowder & Smoke Bombs $350
Summer in the City Gunpowder & Smoke Bombs $250
Susan Raines Double the Flower Power Mixed Media $65
  Falling in Love Mixed Media $65
Morning Hue Mixed Media $120
Marcella Rangel Gallant Sacrifice Acrylic $195
In Other Places Acrylic $210
Lorna Sheveland   Flower Daze  Acrylic $50
Victoria Smith We've Got to get Ourselves Back to the Garden Mixed Media NFS
Daphne Stammer   Ruby Tuesday Acrylic $1200
Josephine Takamoto Back to the Garden Watercolor $300
Ondra Ward Greatest is Love Acrylic NFS
  Love Machine Acrylic NFS
Sid Wellman Flower Power Acrylic $800
Donine Wellman 67 Summer of Love Acrylic $400
Sid Wellman Sgt. Pepper '67 Acrylic NFS
Sadie Young Kundalini Kaleidoscope Encaustic/Acrylic $300
FREE Admission
July 30 - October 21, 2017

Wednesday, August 2, 2017
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Complimentary snacks and beverages
Rancho Cordova City Hall
Thanks to our
Patron of the Arts
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