Fall Show 2017

The Fall Show: Anything Goes!
The Fall Show is our largest exhibit of the year. This exhibit is open to all media. Any theme is acceptable and work does not need to interpret fall or autumn subjects. Let your imagination run wild!
Artists Selected
Artist Title Medium Price
Veronica Lynne Ah-Mann Rainbow Bridge, Folsom Acrylic NFS
Karen Aldrich Flowers of the Heart Mixed 125
Bumblebee Madness Mixed 125
Pamela Amo Big Spring Garden Photography 100
  Mather Airshow Photography 100
Indra Bassett Ode to Richard and Mildred Print 150
Sky in the Middle of Water Water Color 75
Vincent Bode Cocoa and Toast Water Color 350
Travis, Any Which Way Cat Acrylic 495
Egg Layers Oil 1495
Carol Bone You're Right - Either Way Giclee 210
You Deserve These Flowers Giclee 210
Begin Again Giclee 480
Cheryl Briggs Flowing Plumes Needle thread Work 275
Pamela Brooks Seize the Day Mixed 86
Phillip Calentine Santa Tereesa Hills Water color NFS
Dove Pen and Ink 300
Kate Carroll Going Purple Oil 125
Welcome to Fall Oil 160
Heading Home Oil 225
Sue Cervantez Floral Doubletake Collage 300
Hope Valley Gold Acrylix 625
Poppies and Lupines Acrylic 625
Kat Davies Marie Ceramic 150
Butterflies? Mixed 150
Marlene Mixed Sold
Renee Easton Wistful Pen and Ink 350
Seaflowers 1 Pen and Ink NFS
Seaflowers 2 Pen and Ink 250
Allan Fornesa Lotus II Oil 450
Lotus I Oil 450
3 Terrors Oil Pastel 450
Deborah Freshour Autumn Flower Acrylic 50
Brent Gibb Moonstone Beach Acrylic NFS
I Am Not Angry Acrylic 240
Cheryl Gleason Land and Sea Encaustic 350
Bees Encaustic 400
The Hive Encaustic 400
Jayashree Gopalarathnam Poppin Poppies Acrylic 15
Golden Bloom Acrylic 20
Sheila Green Shelfie Assemblage 125
Ann Greitzer Waterfall Pen and Ink NFS
Side Eye Pen and Ink NFS
Gretchen Pen and Ink NFS
Melani Grube Afternoon Revisited Mixed 985
Skelly Ball Mixed 669
Judy Gustafson Night Flight Ceramic Bowl 100
Autumn Harvest Ceramic Bowl with Lid 50
Post Apocalyse Ceramic Sculpture 125
Elizabeth Hall Faithful Mixed 200
Ron Hall The Complications of Catnip in Outer Space Acrylic 200
The Lost Princess of Shangri-La Acrylic 225
No Time For Regret Acrylic 250
Penny S Hanscom The Purple Frog Fabric Collage 885
Portal IV Fabric Collage 885
Pat Hofmaster Peruvian Woman Water Color 225
Lunch at the Ferry Bldg Water Color 185
Shore Lunch Water Color 165
Virginia Johnston Poppies Oil 200
Jeani Kanko My Pet Koi Oil 100
Mighty Oak Oil 75
Sheri Kinavater Final Trip Recycled glasss 50
Untitled Plate glass 40
Shakthi Kondakindi Andy Warhol Mixed NFS
Mother and Daughter - Festival of Flowers Mixed NFS
Barbara Larson In the Beginning Water Color 50
Barbara Little Crow and Pumpkin Mixed 200
Jose Lopez Sunset Over Rancho Cordova Photography 100
Reaching for the Sun Photography 100
Salt Spring Valley Schoolhouse Photography 100
Patience Mabry Life on Mars? Fused Glass 150
Happiness Imagined Fused Glass 200
Marsha Mason Shadow Bouquet Acrylic 200
Karen McCready Nirvana in Primary Colors Acrylic 300
Blue Icebergs Acrylic 250
Trish Medina Thoughts of Spring Photography 120
Fiate Photograph on Metal 275
Michael Mitchell Yosemite Falls Water Color 200
No Hands Bridge Water Color 200
Rocio Moran Horse Head Pencil NFS
Robin Moyher Intertwined Tryptych Stained Glass Mosaic 150
Myra O'Dowd End of Day Glass Seed Beads 500
Autra Oliver Age of Zen Acrylic Pour on Glass 65
Pamela Pankey Fall Aspens Water Color 325
CA Seashore Acrylic 95
David Peterson Thao Food Water Color 485
Tahoe Evening Water Color 485
Liquor Water Color 485
Brandi Pfleider Girl on Fire Gun Powder 150
Dali V Gun Powder 200
Susan Raines No Time Mixed 300
Sow and Reap Mixed 250
Marcella Rangel Deeply Embedded Acrylic NFS
Nelson Reyes Early Spring Oil 925
Untitled Oil NFS
B  Rose Rag Bone Charcoal 150
Wake Up Alone Pencil 175
Adeliana Saavedra Serene Water Color 20
Bonnie Sato Petal in the Pink Ink 100
Lorna Sheveland Mountaintop Pastel 150
Abigail Sills Honey Acrylic 35
Me Acrylic NFS
Florence Skiadas Wild Mustard Oil on linen 300
Amaryllis Sky Oil 300
Almond Blossoms Oil on linen 300
Rick Sloan Bananas Mixed 135
Birds of Paradiae Mixed 175
Kathy Stone Coy Koi Water Color NFS
Christiana Theonard Village Cafe Oil 10,000
Misty Morning Oil 5,000
Waterfall Oil 6,000
Kandi Thompson Where's Gimpy Water Color NFS
Crystallization Water Color 850
Conifers Water Color 850
Lucille Van Ommering Dare I Enter? Digital Photography 275
King of the Roost Digital Photography 275
On the High Road to Taos Digital Photography 275
Ondra Ward Down by the Pond Acrylic 125
Rainy Nights Acrylic 65
Dana Ward Horsetail Falls Digital Photography 180
Walk at Dawn Digital Photography 160
Multnomah Falls Digital Photography 180
Donine Wellman Fire and Glory Mixed Media 80
Sid & Donine Wellman Green Olives Mixed Media 400
FREE Admission
Oct. 23, 2017 - Jan. 21, 2018

Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Rancho Cordova City Hall
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Patron of the Arts
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