An Exhibit of Fine Art by Local Artists Inspired by the California Capital Airshow

Think flight, birds, clouds, airplanes, balloons and things that are aloft. Planned to coincide with the fabulous California Capital Airshow, coming to Mather Airport Oct. 5-6. Let your imagination take wing!
Featured Artists
Artist Name Title Medium Price
Vincent Bode She's Up For It Oil 3500
  Moosie Family Outing Terracotta Colored Pencil 400
  Swing E-painting (Digital art) 400
Patricia Butcher Atmospheric Disturbance Acrylic NFS
  Celebration Acrylic NFS
Ron Hall Salvador Dali - Life on Mars Acrylic 225
  Tuskegee Warrior Mixed media NFS
  Rocket Man Mixed media 150
Vicki Foote It's Nice Up Here Acrylic 125
  Up and Away Acrylic 95
Sheri Kindsvater Blast Off Fused glass 75
Barbara Little Spitfire Watercolor 250
  Peace Watercolor 300
Marsha Mason Up with the Chickens Watercolor 450
Heather McCray Take Flight Ink and ink tense pencils 275
  Granted Wishes Rising Ink and ink tense pencils 775
Richard McHenry Now and Zen Photography/Digital Art 250
  Egret in Flight Photography/Digital Art 320
  Sandhill Crane Photography/Digital Art 320
Linda Nunes Light Conversation Acrylic, wood, copper & mixed media 450
  Cassiopeia Acrylic, paper, wire & mixed media 290
Susan Raines Let Yourself Be Photo digital/Metallic print 185
  Wings I Photo digital/Metallic print 185
David Roper Pyrotechnic Overload Digital Photo 75
Steffany Ready Flight of the Geese Photography NFS
  The Rope Climb Photography NFS
  Home Run! Photography NFS
David Sander Big Eyes at the Rancho Cordova Airshow Photography NFS
  Eyes on You Photography NFS
  Tail to Tail at the Rancho Cordova Airshow Photography NFS
Doug Skinner Pre-Flight Photography 75
Rick Sloan Looking up at Lincoln Photography 50
  Going Up! Photography 150
Mary Ann Walton Seven Over a Desert Sky Acrylic 25
Donine Wellman Up Force Mixed media 350
Sid Wellman Angelic Ascent Mixed media 550
FREE Admission
Oct. 1, 2013 - Jan. 16, 2014

Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2014
5:30 - 8:00 p.m. 
Rancho Cordova City Hall
Thanks to our
Patron of the Arts
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