CRITTERS: Aardvark to Zebra

This exhibit is open to all media exploring subjects from the Animal Kingdom. It's artful animal attraction. This is a juried show. Our guest juror is the award-winning Sandy Lindblad, a Grass Valley contemporary animal portrait artist.
101 Works / 55 Artists
Artist Name Title Medium Price
Barbara Little Squirrlley Girl Watercolor $100
  Bethany Leach Tadpole Shrimp Watercolor NFS
  Bobbie Wieser Swan Watercolor $150
  Wallace Long Wing Watercolor $125
Bonnie Machost Lets Play Acrylic $25
  Who Me Acrylic $25
Boyd Jensen Alligator - Everglades National Park Photography NFS
Brown Bear - Karmai National Park Photography NFS
  Moose - Denali National Park Photography NFS
Caroline Bowker Hidden Moon Acrylic $80
  What's Next Acrylic $80
Charla McKenna Sara Squeek Acrylic $85
  Tank Acrylic $85
Christina Lemar The Watcher Colored Pencil $200
  Wonderfully Made Oil & Mixed Media $500
  Sharp Acrylic $160
Chrysta Fisher Birds of a Feather Acrylic $250
    Regal  Acrylic $400
  Now You See Me Acrylic $400
David Peterson Jewels of the Jungle Watercolor $485
  Giraffes at the Zoo Watercolor $485
Deborah Freshour Purple Jelly Fish Mixed Media / Acrylic $150
  Penguin Family Acrylic $100
  Kitty Acrylic on Rock $50
Deborah Kelly Predator and Prey Acrylic Enamel on Glass NFS
Deni Curtis Snickerdoodle Oil NFS
  Copper Jelly Fish Copper Wire NFS
  Helicopter Parent Oil $200
Don Wood Bengal Tiger Drawing $200
Donine Wellman Down on the Farm Mixed Media $400
Edwin Bickford The Loner Airbrush Acrylic NFS
  Cat Splash Airbrush Acrylic NFS
Elizabeth Francisco Famous Dog Acrylic - Yard Art $150
Hattie Insco Giraffe Mother and Calf Watercolor $40
  Fawn and Butterfly Watercolor  $40
Henry Solorio Resting Leopard Oil NFS
Hilda Cole-Solorio Aussie Boy Acrylic NFS
Kandi Thompson Who Me? Watercolor  NFS
Team Spirit Watercolor $1,300
Wind Runner Watercolor $850
Karen Aldrick Pelican Post  Mixed Media $225
Mod Tea Party Mixed Media $125
Karen McCready On Daddy's Lap Acrylic NFS
Kat Davies Cat Dreamer Ceramic $25
LiLa McCormick Who's There? Glass Art Oil NFS
Louise Schiele Giraffe In a Blue Box Fiber, Collage $450
Mark Roffe Thunder Bird Suncatcher Fired Glass NFS
Marlene Mattsson Sea Zoo Acrylic $150
Marsha Mason Blue Tan Ballet Watercolor $350
  Buster Goes to Napa Watercolor $200
Masooma Dastagir Wild Mustangs Oil $475
    Protective Mother Oil $450
  Snow and Birds Oil $295
Max Stockinger Grinning Dog Green Marble NFS
  Swimming Fish Calcite NFS
Meara Little   Tread Photography $45
  Perception Photography $45
  Rainy Days Photography $45
Megan C. Bailey Teal Meal Acrylic $40
  Green Dream Acrylic  $40
  Will's H2O Acrylic NFS
Michael Mitchell Honu Watercolor $200
Ordra Ward The King Acrylic Sold
Pamela Brooks California Zebra Mixed/Acrylic $188
  Planet Ocean Mixed/Acrylic $160
Pamela Pankey Faniful Pachydrem Acrylic $350
  Elephant Walk Acrylic $350
Jungle Iguana Acrylic $385
Patricie C. Butcher The Sentinel Acrylic $80
The Newest Addition Acrylic  $80
Penny S. Hanscom When No One Was Looking... Fiber, Collage $2,200
Ramiro Cervantez Orca Mixed Media NFS
  Love Is A Butterfly Mixed Media $125
Razmik Gdlian Dinosaur   Acrylic $40
Redentor Sahagun Lion Soft Pastel $300
  Tiger Soft Pastel NFS
Rick Sloan Afternoon Stroll Digitally Enhanced Photo $85
  Jellyfish Digitally Enhanced Photo $200
Rita Dudley Cinder   Film/Photography $80
Robin Moyher   Butterflies in Flight  Mosaic / Mixed Media $250
Rosie Stained Glass Mosaic NFS
Jilly Stained Glass Mosaic NFS
Ron Hall The Tallest Kid in the Class Acrylic $100
Sheri Kindsvater   Horse Bowl Glass $30
  Bird Dish Glass $30
  Sky Dancer Glass, Gold $40
Sid Wellman Too Cans Wood, Steel, and Mixed Media $1,750
Terri Petterson Chase Pastel $300
  Two Mutts on a Log Pastel $300
  Captive Beauty Pastel $300
Terry Joyce Good Boy Watercolor $100
Trish Medina Giardino Gatto Acrylic NFS
Valery Kazak Friendly Family Oil $450
  Soldier With a True Friend Oil NFS
  Childhood Memories Oil $250
Vincent Bode Gipsy Girl Tetta Cotta Pencil NFS
  Klamath River Pelicans Oil $325
  Little Feathers Tetta Cotta Pencil $250
Virginia Johnston Comfy Acrylic $50
  Commander Acrylic $200
  Playtime Acrylic $100
Zach Sloan Struggle Acrylic on Paper $400
FREE Admission
 April 4 - July 16, 2016

Thursday, April 14, 2016
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Rancho Cordova City Hall
Thanks to our
Patron of the Arts
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