2017 Whisker Warriors

Community Volunteer Awards
2017 Honoree
Whisker Warriors

2017 Distinguished Community Service Organization

Whisker Warriors
Somebody once said that in rescuing animals “I lost my mind, but found my soul.” That perfectly describes the winner of Outstanding Service Organization honors.

Whisker Warriors are unsung heroes operating as volunteers in the community to reduce animal over population and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Inspired by the activities of the late one-woman wonder Scottie Moore, Whisker Warriors have spread throughout the city spending countless hours protecting and caring for feral cat colonies – a 24/7, 365 day commitment, rain or shine.

Through their own fund-raising and utilizing Community Enhancement funds, their free spay and neuter voucher program has altered and vaccinated 398 pets since 2015, curbing animal euthanasia. 

When Whisker Warriors heard that senior citizens from the Meals on Wheels program were denying themselves nourishment in order to feed their pets, they were immediately on the case so that pet food was delivered alongside “people lunch.”

When it became known that newly housed veterans at the Mather Veterans Village were unable to adequately feed their companions, it was Whisker Warriors to the rescue.

And like all great volunteers, they have inspired good works in others.

A local pet store has collaborated with Cordova High School students to hold pet food drives after Whisker Warriors worked with students to teach proper animal care and the importance of spay/neuter.

And their work is catching on. Whisker Warriors is proactively working with other feral cat trapping volunteer groups to establish a model Trap, Neuter and Return (TNF) program that can be applied across the Sacramento region, reducing animal euthanasia rates and increasing overall animal health and well-being.

Jessica Crone from Rancho Cordova Animal Services nominated Whisker Warriors for this award. She said:

“The Whisker Warriors Team is a passionate group of residents who strive to provide a voice to our vulnerable residents and their pets. They should be recognized for the significant contributions they have made in reducing pet overpopulation, caring for community cat colonies, supporting seniors and veterans while working tirelessly to educate the next generation of pet owners.”

Jessica, consider it done.

For tireless work on behalf of animals and the people who love them, congratulations to Rancho Cordova’s Whisker Warriors, friends of felines and canines extraordinaire.
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