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Republic Services

2016 We Could Not Do it Without You

Republic Services
Somebody once made a clever remark that went something like this: “The garbage man knows all your dirty secrets.”

Garbage in, garbage out.  

Let’s talk trash.  

What rubbish!

It seems like when it comes to the garbage business, it’s hard to get respect. But we were really impressed by the range of community partners who told us that Republic Services - the folks who operate those big blue garbage haulers – were among the best supporters of their efforts.

Of course, you know Republic as the company that picks up your garbage each week, and we hope you are satisfied with that.  

In many different ways, it turns out, Republic is also partnering with great volunteer organizations all over town. They all said the same thing: We could not have done it without them.  

Luckily, we have an award for that!

Make a list of where they are pitching in around Rancho Cordova and it would look something like this:
  • Republic supports the Police Activities League (PAL) to make events like Jr. Giants BBQ, PAL-a-PALooza and Holiday Run a success
  • They support the Folsom Cordova Community Partnership at their Harvest Festival, Whole Lotta Brews fundraiser and annual Toy Drive.
  • They purchased 150 tickets to the California Capital Airshow and donated them through the partnership to families who would not otherwise be able to go
  • As a Rancho Cordova Chamber member, they support the Annual Business Update, Leadership Rancho Cordova, the Chamber golf tournament and Aloha Installation of Officers.
  • Republic headed into the schools to talk to kids about recycling, and partnered with the Community Council for a Recycling Mascot Poster Contest which led to the creation of the Recycle Raccoon. That effort touched kids, touched their schools, decorated City Hall and more.  
  • They are active in Rancho Cordova Rotary Club. The support and participate in the Lincoln Village Holiday Parade. They donated to the Project 680 Hoodie Drive, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, VINS efforts to help Meals on Wheels, Rebuilding Together, Soil Born Farms, the Children’s Museum, Neighborhood Cleanups, the Sacramento Valley Live Steamers Railroad, and on and on.
  • The Cordova Community Council considers Republic a most valued partner. Where ever the Community Council goes, garbage happens – Kids Day, iFest, Heartstoppers Haunted House, Summer Movies and Concerts and the biggest garbage-maker of them all: Rancho Cordova Fourth of July. Republic is there, there and there. We could not do it without them!
Handling the garbage is not a glamorous job, but it certainly is a critical one. And Republic Services could probably get along with just doing a good job day in and day out, collect their fees and move on to the next job, but that is not what has happened.

They have made a lot of friends in Rancho Cordova by being there to support volunteer organizations who do good work because they are getting the support they need to do it.

Republic Services has managed to turn trash to treasure for many of these groups, who would tell you if you asked them: “We Could Not Do it Without You.”
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